Our Kickstarter has been successfully funded and we are glowing with appreciation!

To everyone who has donated, joined us in class, attended a showing, or shared our programming, we thank you for your role in supporting Collective Sweat Detroit and the Detroit dance community. With gratitude - CSD

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Photo Credits: Bree Gant


Weekly Advanced Contemporary Dance Class


Residency Programs





“Collective Sweat Detroit contributes a much needed element to the modern, contemporary, and experimental dance ecology of Detroit: a weekly adult class. As a professional dancer and educator living in Detroit, I have been thrilled to both take and teach class. With an ear to the ritual of dancers’ studio practice, Collective Sweat Detroit is open, inclusive, and provides an important platform for embodied physical practice, exploration, and sharing amongst the dance artist community in Detroit.”

- Biba Bell, Assistant Professor in Dance at WSU, CSD Guest Teacher, CSD Student

“Collective Sweat Detroit has been a much needed resource for me personally, and for Detroit's dance community. As a recent graduate of Wayne State University’s dance department, dance educator, and working artist, I have struggled to maintain a level of dance training consistent with what the university provided me. Until Collective Sweat began offering classes, the number of convenient, consistent, and affordable postmodern dance classes open to local dance artists were limited. With Collective Sweat’s weekly classes, and variety of teachers, I have been able to continue my creative practice in a welcoming and challenging environment, without worrying about the financial strain. I love getting to be a part of other artists’ creative process, and immersing myself in the Detroit dance scene through Collective Sweat Detroit!”

-Lizz Piskor, Dance Educator, DDC Dances Apprentice


Photo Credits: Header by Bree Gant, Weekly Class by Erika Ruch, Choreographic Residency Programs by Erika Ruch, Feedback Showings by Erika Ruch