is a community led collective of dancers interested in advancing the rigor and relevance of dance in Detroit.

is influenced by modern dance, and grows from the postmodern cannon of dance technique and performance, while encouraging future-driven desires for moving bodies to develop and lead us into new and unknown dancing directions.

acknowledges, examines, and challenges the biases of the contemporary dance scene, much of which is based in a Eurocentric movement aesthetic. We push to create a contemporary scene that is authentic and reflective of each of us.

began with the goal of sustaining a weekly class and has potential to develop into a network of many classes, proposed and dreamt up by movers.

wants to grow to include other dance and choreographic spaces and opportunities to show work and allow for feedback.

organizes a space for people for who see dance as a life practice to gather, some of whom may volunteer to teach/lead class.

is open to all interested in dancing, though class will work with ideas and concepts that challenge introductory notions of dance.

is created to exist through and by participants, and relies on group organizing and responsibility, rather than depending on the efforts of one individual.

at its core believes that dance in Detroit can step up and step past our current comfort level.

is for you.

Move with us


 Photo Credits: Erika Ruch